Inspiring Champions #4 – Podcast – Zu Gast: Russell Garcia – 03.02.2021

Inspiring Champions – Ausgabe 4
Produzent: Inspiring Champions
Vom 03.02.2021
Thema: Olympic Champion: Russell Garcia
Paul Smith & Andries de Groen begrüßt in dieser Ausgabe Russell Garcia

In our newest Episode we spoke with Great Britains youngest Olympic Champion. As a professional hockey player he participated in three Olympic Games and won one gold medal. Nowadays he’s a well known top coach in the hockey business.
Russell speaks with us about High Performance and why he always thought that there’s „somebody better than him“. We’re also discussing the importance of his mindest, the reasons why he always enjoyed the hard work and looking back what things he might would have done differently.

This Episode (in English) is about a guy who loves his sport more than anything while having an enormous ambition of always being the best. There’s definitely a lot to learn from that. Enjoy!

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